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So Much to Due

This website is a digital supplement to the philatelic exhibit, So Much To Due, on display at US stamp shows in 2019

This eight-frame exhibit explains how the first US postage due stamps were developed and used. The exhibit covers the history of the stamps and shows examples of many different uses, both on domestic and foreign covers.

Open Exhibit File
- 65 pages, Version 1 (02/14/2019)

If you are viewing the exhibit in person, look for this audio symbol on frames 1, 5, 6, and 8. Pressing this symbol will play an audio recording of additional information about items in the exhibit.

Here you can find supplementary information about the postage due stamps and covers featured in the exhibit above.

So Much to Hue: A display of trial color proofs.

Audio Clips: Download the audio recordings included in the exhibit.

Oversize Items: Larger scans of items too big to fully display.

Bibliography: A list of resources used in building this exhibit.

Selected Certifications: A PDF of a few certificates for items within the exhibit.